Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Beside Kuala Lumpur city, another city in Malaysia usually being visited by tourist was Malacca. This citu was one of the old town in Malaysia that has immersive culture and history. Beside that, Malacca also famous as a harbour city with streets filled with remarkable mural art. Mural at Malacca slightly different with mural at that I found on Ipoh city. But it's still worthed to see.
Journey to tracing mural at Malacca start here.
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Tracing mural at Malacca in the street as usual, my friends and I has to walk in and out malaysian residential area in Malacca. The exact location actually wasn't far away from downtown of Malacca and Jonker street. Probably around 10 to 30 minutes walk. But some of the art was placed in a small alley so you have to looks carefully to find it.

Mural at Malacca 1
could you make a guess on this mural at Malacca, the red brick was real or painting?
posing with mural at Malacca 1
playing around with mural at Malacca
some of the mural at Malacca about Malaysian daily life
how's my pose on this wall??
monkey art mural at Malacca 

this one is everyone favourite mural at Malacca, 
Even tho the mural at Malacca was placed on a small alley, but the area surrounding the residential area was quite clean. So it's a plus for me. My friends and I walks happily when in search of some of these beautiful mural art. Don't forget to bring some water and snack because on this residential area, it really hard to find some food or street seller.

I also find some things that catched my eyes and frame it with my camera.
Life's will always find a way, right?!
clean alley

I love this artictic window and wall.
Searching for mural at Malacca also fun because I had a great travelmate. Watching them taking pictures with a silly pose with the mural at Malacca was a joy to me.
Take my pictures here, please. 
Silly pose with mural at Malacca

another photoshoot with mural at Malacca

Everyone busy with their own camera

Do you have any fun memories with your travelmate?? Share it here!! (EKW)
My travelmate and I when tracing mural at Malacca


  1. Wah, keren mural-muralnya. Gue suka lihat yang pola tabrak warna-warni itu. Kalo yang batu bata merah, menurut gue itu painting, tapi setelah diamat-amatin kok keliatan asli ya, hehe. Jalanannya keliatan bersih-bersih banget, meski di gang-gang begitu. Makin ditambah unik karena si mural-mural yang menuhin dinding itu, jadi spot menarik buat foto.

    Overall, hasil fotonya keren-keren :)

    1. yup betul, itu bata merah memang lukisan. hehehe.
      mural-mural disini memang keren-keren sih..
      jadi senang keliling kota jalan kaki gitu deh sampai sore.

  2. Wow keren kak aku baru tau lho🤗

    1. Iyaa mural di Melaka ternyata memang keren-keren banget ya

  3. Keren muralnya sampe bisa seperti 3 dimensi. Kreatif yah menyulap tempat sederhana menjadi menarik

  4. good experimen thank you for share