Saturday, December 24, 2016


“Let’s go to Bedugul lake” my friend said to me
“That’s lake named Beratan, Pit” I give an explanation.
“But I wanna see Bedugu lake too”, She insisted
“Yes, that’s laked named Beratan, placed on Bedugul area. People from outside Bali will called it Bedugul lake, but local people know this lake with the named Beratan, you know”
“Ohh, so it’s a same lake”

“Yes” I answered and then scratching my head.

Bedugul or Beratan lake placed on Tabanan region, Bali province. This lake to be exactly was on Candi Kuning village, Baturiti regency, about 40 kilometers away from Denpasar city. Beratan lake was the second largest lake in Bali province, after Batur lake. Beratan lake was nearly 375,6 acres of  large and placed on 1240 meters above sea level. That is why the lake areas have a quite humid and cool air. 

It was 16.00 pm when I was arrived. The mist slowly moves and covered up the area of Beratan lake and Ulun Danu Beratan temple and create a chiller cool air when touched my thin skin. But the exotic of this area didn’t just wash away, the mist make it more enchanted. 

The lake area becomes more and more covered by the thicker mist. Announcement was repeatedly being heard about the closing time of this temple and lake area for public and we need to get out from there as soon as possible. I wanna stay a little bit longer on this area, enjoying this remarkable exotic place. Before I went out, once again I take a peek through my camera view finder and capture a few shot. A little smile crept up my cheek and a few words came out from my lips gently said: “Good afternoon, universe. Wish you a timeless charm, now and forever”. (EKW)


  1. bucket list banget ini kak

    1. wahh.. kalau begitu harus segera dikunjungi nih..
      tempatnya enak dan syahdu kalau udh sore.
      sepi dari pengunjung jdai bisa puas menikmati sunyinya alam