Sunday, June 4, 2017


When I got a blogger trip invitation to one of the state in Malaysia, it's makes me wanna jumping up to the sky. I'm so excited. So, last month for 10 days, me and 20 blogger, youtuber and another social influencer from 10 country got a chance to explore this part of Malaysia state that been awarded as 9th best region to visit in the world by Lonely Planet.

One of the destination was Royal Belum rainforest national park which located at Malaysia - Thailand border. The forest was a 130 million forest, even more older that the Amazon and Congo forest. Amazing! We all got a chance to wandering around at Temenggor lake, the biggest manmade lake in Malaysia that been built at 1975. We were using boathouse for 2 days and 1 night in Royal Belum.

Banding island harbour from the boathouse
Our boathouse was departed from Banding island harbour, sailing slowly and entering the Royal Belum rainforest for hours. Along the way our eyes was soothing by the shady forest, the sounds of chirping bird and bugs, echoing from inside the deep green forest.

After a few hours sailing through the lake, finally out boathouse arrive at our destination, an nature resort at lake side of Temenggor. In Malaysia they called it chalet. When arrive, we are allowed to play bamboo rafting in the lake, with one condition, we have to use live jacket, whether you could swim or not. "The water on this lake is more than 50 meter deep and has a pressure that sucked into the deep. It's completely different with the ocean pressures that makes you going up". Said Mr. Abd Raheem Mohammad from Destination Perak. Well, I can't swim that well so I'm happy to wear those live jacket.
Lunch at boathouse

With 3 bamboo raft, all the participant jump into the lake and even some of Empayar Awan Biru crews also eager to taste the warm water in the lake. Yeah, the lake is quite warm, not as cold as I imagine. I thought it will be a cold water because it was surrounded by a thicker and oldest rainforest in the world. I'm so wrong. That's why everyone playing around for hours until they were exhausted and only willing to get back to the boathouse when they heard dinner is almost ready. It was 19.00 and it almost sunset. FYI. Sunset time in Malaysia around 19.25.

So, this boathouse only had 2 bathroom so i decided to take the last bath. Reason? Because I wanna eat first. Hahaha. Nope. Just kidding. The real reason is because I'm the only hijaber participant, so I will take longer time in the bathroom. Compared myself to the guys, they could use bathroom only bring some toilettries and shorts while I must bring a lot of cloth, from head to toe. I could taking a bath really fast, about 5 minutes if I'm in hurry, but changing clothes will take longer time. *excuse me, taking a bath for 5 minute? Are u really taking a bath or just wash your face?* LOL.

Turns out, the queue is taking a longer time than I expected so let's just eat first. My trousers, t-shirt and hijab that start to dry makes me feel so lazy to taking a bath and get change. And as usual, after eat a lot, you will feels so sleepy. Especially when I already tired for swimming in the lake and playing the game tlwith bamboo rafting for hours. So after my stomach become full, I immediately fall asleep on the 2nd floor of the boathouse.

The next morning, after breakfast, when I'm about to taking a bath, the Malaysoan photographer, Mr. Dino asked me whether i wanna join to a short trip to waterfall. "This is one of the nicest waterfall in Royal Belum" He said. Hearing that makes me said Yes immediately. Then, I started to think. If I'm going to the waterfall, I will get wet, right?! So I postponed taking shower until I'm coming back from the waterfall. Beside that, the cloth that I wears now was the same cloth I was used on bamboo rafting yesterday. No need to change. So let's go to the waterfall of Sungai Kooi. When arrive at the 30 meters waterfall, of course I put my camera on my bag and the playing around with some friends under th cold waterfall. It was so much fun.

After playing around and get wet at Sungai Kooi waterfall, I was intent to taking a shower and go get change. But there's announcement said that boathouse is heading to the second waterfall, the Sungai Ruok waterfall. So I postponed to taking shower, again.  Let's play in the waterfall again people! Hahahahha.

After my cloth wet and dry for 3 times, during 2 days and 1 night trip at Royal Belum, I think I have a tough skin, I didn't feel itchy or any rash for not changing my cloth at all. Hahaha. (EKW)


  1. Again and again, after reading your second posts, I am realizing that I should proud of you becoming one of the bloggers who obtained an invitation to go abroad. Your practising writing in English is a very good try. Go on continue writing in it. I am the one who don't have any courage to do it, even though I am also a teacher in English, but still go on in studying it very hard, so that one day I will have a blog in English like yours.

    1. i will keep on going, even though my grammar is so not good.
      trial and error.
      go write a blog and informed me please about your blog.