Thursday, March 1, 2018


Ciletuh Geopark is popular amongst visitors since 2 years ago and has become the new must-visit place in Sukabumi, West Java. This geopark spans an area of 1.261 square kilometers and spreads across 8 region. Ciletuh has been recognized by UNESCO in 2015 as a world geopark site. This geopark is about 7 to 8 hours drive from Jakarta and is always crowded with visitors every weekend.
Hello from Ciletuh geopark at Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia. 
Actually, my friends and I has been planned this trip since 3 years ago. But due the bussiest schedule of everybody on our whatsapp group, then the plan actually, finally, been fulfilled on this February 2018. One of the longest trip plan I ever had. LOL.

This trip was a short one - 2 days and 1 night. But we managed to visit some of the beautiful waterfalls in Ciletuh geopark. There's still many more places to explore in this geopark, but for now, here's 5 of the waterfall you can see on Ciletuh.

1. Awang Waterfall (Curug Awang) 
This waterfall is located in Taman Jaya village, Ciemas district, Sukabumi region, West Java. This is one of the many waterfall in Ciletuh river. This waterfall is 40 meters high and 60 meters wide. I visited this waterfall during the rainy season so even though the water debit was quite high, the water was not clear at all. The water was filled with dirt or mud from the upstream or the mountainous area. But it's still beautiful and worth a visit.
Awang waterfall from above
Awang waterfall from the river
(Ps. I use the wrong filter lens so the colour become more yellow or red
.. and I'm to lazy to edit it. Sorry! ) 
2. Middle Waterfall (Curug Tengah)
This waterfall is located on the same river as Awang waterfall, the Ciletuh river. It is not far from Awang, probably less than 1 kilometer . This waterfall is much smaller, about 5 to 7 meter high. unfortunately, this waterfall is not as famous as Awang waterfall so the path leading to this waterfall was covered with shrubs. It's better to ask a local to guide you to this waterfall or you’ll probably get lost and follow the wrong directions like me and my friends did.
Middle Waterfall a.k.a Curug Tengah
After wandering around in a paddy field for some time, the five of us managed to see this waterfall from the top. Lucky for us, the top of the middle waterfall has a huge slab of rock so we could stand on it safely. Just be careful not to stand too close to the waterfall, otherwise I think it would be fine.

3. Cimarinjung watefall .
The third waterfall is located in Ciwaru village, Ciemas district, Sukabumi region, West Java. This waterfall is not so far away from Palangpang beach, approximately 3 kilometers away, so that’s a bonus for us. That might probably be the reason why this waterfall has more visitors, in fact it was quite crowded when we made a visit there. Cimarinjung is 50 meters high.
Cimarinjung waterfall 

4. Sodong waterfall.
Sodong waterfall is also located in Ciwaru village. This 20 meters high waterfall shares its name with a cave located right behind it. Apparently this waterfall has a small basin which looks like the Sodong cave. This waterfall also has another nickname, which is Twin waterfall (Curug Kembar) because it has 2 water streams and a waterfall named Bride waterfall (Curug Penganten). On a sunny day, you can see a small rainbow around this waterfall .
Curug Sodong
Sodong waterfall
5. Cikanteh waterfall
Last but not least, the Cikanteh waterfall. This waterfall can be found in the same area, even sharing the same river stream with Sodong waterfall. Cikanteh is located further up in the highland or forest, but don't worry, it's just about 10 to 15 minutes walk from Sodong waterfall with a clear pathway along the river. This waterfall is more secluded, so you can’t really see it as the view is blocked by the trees, unless you’re standing beneath it.
Curug Cikanteh
Cikanteh waterfall takes the cake for its jaw-dropping and stunning views. If you are a budding photographer keen to take photographs of waterfall, make sure to pack waterproof equipment to protect your camera. (EKW)


  1. amazing pictures! keep it up 😊

  2. So what is it in the Geopark actually? Are there only 5 waterfalls there? The waterfalls are amazing and magnificent by the way :)
    We also have local waterfalls in my village and I also featured it on my blog but it was quite difficult to explain the nature landscape with exact vocabularies, your explanation helps me to enrich my vocabs about natural resources.

    1. there's a lot of things on this geopark. Waterfall, river, hill, beach and spectaculer view from above or from highland.
      I'm still learning about how to write in good english grammar and I have some friend that help me to edit some of my article here.