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I used to visit Yogyakarta city several times. Evrytime I got a chance to visit this city again, I would love to explore temples on this region. So far, I already visit Prambanan temple, Ratu Boko temple, Lumbung temple, Bubrah temple and Sewu temple. So, what's next? This time, with recommendation from my sister, I will visit Ijo temple
Ijo temple, a place for sunset hunting in Yogyakarta city
Being triggered with the words "The highest temple in Yogyakarta", me and my sister heading to Sambirejo region with motorcycle. Along the way, my sister keep pointing a hill and said "You could see the temple from here. Looks for the small triangle shape right there up on the hill". But, we are on the moving vehicle. How could you see something on a distance, far away, among greens, tiny little triangle, in a moving motorcycle? Yeah right, All I see is a greens hill. LOL.

Turns out, Ijo temple location is not far from Breksi cliff, another touristy spot in Yogyakarta. It was only 1 kilometer away. You will passed the Breksi cliff first when heading to Ijo temple. Entry ticket for Ijo temple is IDR 5.000 for local and IDR 10.000 for foreigner  (less than USD 1). Ijo temple also not so far away from Ratu Boko temple, about 4 kilometers away. So if you had more time, you could visit 3 to 4 spot in a day, including Prambanan temple.

These temple placed on 410 masl and located at Groyokan area, Sambirejo village, Prambanan district, Sleman region, Yogyakarta province. Ijo temple was built around 9th century. Its name taken from its location, green hill or local called it as Gumuk Ijo. The temple area consist of 17 building structures which is divided into 11 terraces. Ijo temple was spans an area of 0,8 hectares.
3 guardian temple on Ijo temple area. 
In the highest terrace, there's 1 main temple and 3 Pewara temple or guardian temple. Those guardian temple represented Brahma, Siva and Vishnu. in another lower terrace, there's another 2 temple. Too bad, I didn't know the story about those 2 temple. Because I was here just to catch sunset. Maybe next time I will visiting Ijo temple again just to learn about the history.

Ijo temple was located on a highland, so this place always being visited by those who leved to find a place to enyoying nature from high place. This temple usually full with people when its almost close, around 5 pm. But even though it will close at 5.30pm, all the visitor are allowed to stay inside the temple area until 7pm. They just won't let anybody enter the temple area after 5.30pm.
sunset hunter at Ijo temple
Almost sunset at Ijo temple, Yogyakarta
Almost sunset at Ijo temple, Yogyakarta
That's why this temple was famous as a place for sunset hunting in Yogyakarta. For those who wanted to do sunset hunting in this temple, you should come at least 4pm to find a perfect spot for hangout and enjoying time when the sun is set in the horizon. (EKW)

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