Sunday, February 15, 2015


In my previous blog, I only showed some pictures from the Dieng plateau. So, here's a little story about my journey to that wonderful city.

At the end of June 2013, I got an offer from my office friend, Tupono, for a trip to Dieng. So, considering that I had not been to Dieng before, and the costs that he was offering were reasonably priced, Rp. 410k (approx. USD 40) for a 3 day 2 night trip, I agreed. Dieng plateau is known as the land above the sky because it's located more than 2000 meters above sea level. That's why Dieng is considered the highest city in indonesia.
Welcome gate of  Dieng, Banjarnegara region, Central Java.
Farm field at Dieng from sight tower. 
Potato farmer at their field
When we arrived at Dieng, there was a minibus and a guide waiting to accompany us on the trip. (Until now, i am still try to figure out the name of our guide, so sorry for forgetting your name, sir) I was looking out of the minibus window and enjoying nature and the expanse of the potato fields in Dieng. I just found out that actually there are 4 temple areas in Dieng, which are Arjuna temple area, Dwarawati temple area, Gatotkaca temple area and Bima temple area.
Arjuna temple
Gatot Kaca temple
Bima temple
I had the opportunity to see and admire the three regional temples built in stages since the end of the 8th century. unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to visit the Dwarawati temple because it did not fit in this trip. *sob .. sob .. sob .. maybe next time *.

As a reference for the distance, the homestay where I stayed is 500 meters in front of the temple of Arjuna. The distance from Arjuna temple to Bima temple is 3 kilometers. The distance from Arjuna temple to Gatotkaca temple is 1.5 kilometers. and from Bima temple to Gatotkaca temple is about 800 meters. The distance to the temple of Dwarawati?? sorry I do not know, I did not have time to get there.

After touring to several temples, a break seemed nice. When we got a short break, I tried to taste some of the food sold around the Dieng area. There are chicken meatballs, fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, candied fruit carica. Do you know what carica is?? People at Dieng called it "papaya kuntet" a.k.a mini papaya. How's the taste? hmm .. yummy, delicious and very refreshing!
Carica fruit
After the short break, I had the opportunity to visit the most famous crater at Dieng, the Sikidang crater. This crater is the largest crater in Dieng and be one of the tourist attractions. Sikidang crater is not far from the temple of Bima, at least the crater's entrance gate. The crater itself still far away, more than 500 meters from the entrance gate.
The gate of Sikidang crater
Sikidang crater
Beside this crater, Dieng also has several others. This information I got while visiting Dieng Plateau Theatre. There is a short film about the history of the Dieng area and some of the active craters like Sikidang crater, Candradimuka crater, Sileri craters, Timbang crater and Sinila crater.

The most famous ones are the Sikidang crater, Timbang crater and Candradimuka crater. Sikidang is famous because it is a tourist attraction that can be visited. The Candradimuka crater is famous for stories or legends of Gatotkaca (the mythological heroes in Indonesia, adopted and created from Mahabarata story) being boiled in the crater so that he could become powerful and have bones and muscles made of iron wire. The best known is the Timbang crater because in 1979 an eruption and earthquake occurred at the Sinila crater and the earthquake vibration made the Timbang crater emit toxic CO2 gases which killed 149 villagers around the Timbang crater. Tragic!

Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to visit another crater other than the Sikidang crater. I would love to see the famous crater of Candradimuka .. because the name of this crater is often used as a term for a military training ground in indonesia. *so curious, maybe next time, crossing my fingers and wish me luck, everyone*

Oh yeah, because Dieng has many craters caused by volcanic eruption, Dieng also has some lake and ponds. Some of the famous are Color lake, Pengilon lake, Nila lake and Cebong lake.

The most famous are the Colour lake and Pengilon lake. Colour lake is very popular because it has a few bursts of color like red, green, blue, white and mauve. But not all of the colors can be seen at the same time. When I got there, the dominant color was green with a little white in some parts of the lake.
Color lake
Admiring the natural beauty
Around Color lake there are several caves often used for meditation and to ask something to the ancestors. They are Semar cave, Jaran cave and Sumur cave. Actually, if I may protest, I do not agree that these three points should be called caves because they're just a small inlet into the wall that is not more than 5 meters deep. 😊
Sumur cave
Semar statue, in front of Semar cave!
Furthermore Pengilon lake or pond can also be called mirror lake, famous for its lake is one package to the Color lake. Pengilon lake is located right next to the Color lake and surrounded by a small grassy swamp. There's a myth that says that if the reflection of your face in these lakes is not clear, that means that your heart is bad too, but if your heart is clean and nice, the reflection of your face will also look beautiful. Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to prove this theory because an access road to this lake from the Color lake does not exist at all.

Actually, the atmosphere around the lake is really quite calm and quiet. Unfortunately, since this is a weekend and it coincides with the Dieng Cultural Festival, this place is very crowded and noisy. I wish I could sit alone at the edge of the lake while fantasizing about its beauty.
Puppet show

Later that night I wandered around with friends while enjoying the Arjuna temple fairs, puppet shows and fireworks. it was a wonderful and tiring day, but I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere in this city. (EKW)


  1. Aku tuch sebenarnya miris liat bukit2 di dieng di jadiin lahan kentang semua, takut kalo ujan longsor

    1. iya sih.. tapi mo bagaimana lagi.. itu kan komoditas utama perekonomian mereka..
      mungkin lahannya bisa diselingi dengan pepohonan barangkali..

  2. Ahh Dieng is still on my to-go list..! In 2013 i planned to go either to Bromo or Dieng. My travel friends chose Bromo, so we went there instead. Hopefully i can go to Dieng next year for the culture festival!

    1. I pray you could make it to visiting Dieng next year! :)

  3. At first, I thought this is your new journey.
    I've only twice visiting Dieng. At first as my journey for Summer School program and the second as my visit to potato chips production center.
    I still haven't visited Sikidang :(

    1. this is my 2013 journey. it's been a long time and i would love to visit Dieng again, someday.
      so many things to see, so little time I had.