Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta city was famous as a big, modern and busiest city with more than 10 millions people lived in it. A lot of fast development creates Jakarta as a metropolitan with a lot of new skycrapper building being built every month, in every corner of Jakarta.

Despite with all the modernity that happen in Jakarta, this 489 year city has one region when you could actually see some nature beauty you will never expected from big and modern Jakarta. That region was a Kepulauan Seribu (thousand island) region with 342 islands. This region was famous as a quick escape or weekend gateway for its citizen and tourist from the husttle buzzle of Jakarta.

Here is some photos which you could go and see by yourself or with friends and admire some nature beauty that represent a little bit about Indonesian nature beauty. 
Sunset at Semak Daun island
Cipir island
Sunset at Air island
clear water at Bira island
wild mushroom at Tikus island
Sunrise at Payung Besar island
Green lagoon at Air island
Camping at Semak Daun island
Lighthouse at Edam island
Mangrove shoots at Papatheo island

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