Saturday, November 12, 2016


Bali. After more than 3 years never step on this Island of God, I finally had a chance to visit Bali again for another job assignment. Denpasar will be the city where I have to cover and I saw there’s a lot of change since the last time I’ve visited on 2012. One of the change was a gallery named Upside Down World.

Upside down world was an art gallery placed on Bypass Ngurah Rai road no. 762, Pemogan area, Denpasar, Bali. The unique thing about this gallery was several rooms and furniture was placed upside down on the wall or in the ceiling. Even the signboard like ticket and free wifi was placed upside down.
The ticket price was quite expensive for a backpacker traveler like me, Rp.100.000,- (approx. USD 7), but hey.. This is a job assignment; my office will cover all the expense so let’s just get in!
Confusing me! 
After pay the ticket, put my shoes on locker, I finally entering this gallery and see some unique furniture arrangement on the wall and on the ceiling. And you think is easy to act like you are falling or being sucked up into the air?? Think again! It’s so difficult. My first few frames were actually awful. It didn’t come as I wanted to be or as the sample pictures they’ve put on the wall. I’m confused and just stood there scratching my head.

So, I decided to standing on the corner of a room, seeing another visitor trying to create some epic scene. This gallery also employs some peoples to help the visitor to act and re-create scene from sample pictures. But I saw some of the visitors were also still confused with it, just like me.

After almost 1 hour just standing in the corner, looking all the peoples in every room, I finally know how to do it. So, I started to take some picture of me and my friend and here are the results. By the way, the employee was really helpful and quite patient to teach us how to act on this gallery. Just ask! (EKW)

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