Saturday, December 3, 2016


The most famous picture of Kalimantan floating market in Indonesia was on RCTI, lokal news television, TV commercial or ID station been broadcast around 1996 to 1998 and re broadcast at 2008 to 2009. So, when the first time I was arrive at Banjarmasin, the river city, my news sources take me and my team to the floating market. “You were not visiting Banjarmasin yet, unless you’ve seen the floating market” he said to us. So, I just followed the schedule that been arrange by my team leader.

At 6am, 15 minute before the sun rising, we took a boat, which Banjar people called Jukung, for a harbor in front of Banjarmasin city hall. This boat was the main transportation system on Kalimantan River with a small machine in it. The floating market that we about to see were Lok Baintan floating market placed about 30-40 menit from Banjarmasin city hall.

The sun will already rise when we still cruising the river to Lok Baintan. I’m kinda worried because we already late so I don’t know whether the floating market still runs or not. The ideal time to be on Lok Baintan was 5am. Right now it’s 6.30am local time. *scratching my head* Okay, I just prepared for myself if the floating market was already over. For now, I’ll just enjoy the sunrise moment on a bout while cruising the Martapura River.

Dozens minute later, our boat was already approaching Lok Baintan area and I could see from far away that some boat still exist will all the things to sell. Yeay!  The floating market was not over yet, even though it’s 7am right now. *big big smile*

When we arrived, I start to take a lot of picture and video. When I was busy capturing the moment, some lady on the boat approaching our boat and asking me the same question, “Why did you want to take this Jukung?
There’s something wrong?”  I’m feeling confused.
“Usually people from out of town take that big boat, they were afraid to ride this Jukung because it’s a small boat, you guys was brave enough to ride this boat”
“But you also brave too to ride this boat” I said it with a smile on my face
“Come on, I do it every day”
“I also get used to ride this kind of boat; my father was a sailor in Papua for years. So our ancestor was a sailor, mam!” I smiled to that lovely lady. Then, I buy a portion of yellow rice (rice cooked with turmeric, salt and coconut milk), fried coconut and salted duck eggs from her.
Some fruits seller also approaching our boat and a pack of rose apple was instantly were added on our boat. Another seller even gives us a quite cheap price, 20.000 IDR (approx. 2 USD) for 10 mangos. I really wanna buy that, but that much?? How many days will it take to finish eating those entire big mangos? So I have to refuse it and said we already have many things on our boat.

Btw, after a lot of taking pictures and eating on the boat, I just figured out that I forgot to bring my bottle of water. So I try to find a seller that sells a mineral water on the river, but could not find one. “I think I just saw one a few minutes ago, but I don’t know now where the boat seller is” my friend said to me.  FYI, I just eat 2 salted duck eggs and now I felt my throat craving for water. Extremely feels thirsty and dehydration right now. If this river has clear water, I will drink it immediately. Too bad the water was cloudy. “Just pretend that it is chocolate milk” my friend said that to me. Dude, hell no!

So, I had to restrain this dehydration throat for more than 30 minute when we get back to Banjarmasin city hall. Next time if you guys wanna visit the floating market, bring a bottle of water with you so you will not get thirsty on the river like me. (EKW)


  1. udah lama banget pengen ke sini, kemarin baru sempat ke kalteng liat orangutan di tanjung puting doang. next ke kalimantan wajib ke sini nih pokoknya

    1. saya juga tadinya gak niat kesini, cuma diajak sama teman yang kebetulan punya jukung jadi bisa jalan2 deh ke Lok Baintan